We painstakingly developed the only "Real" Coupon App. for the Florida Keys. The Keys Coupons App. by Mile Marker Coupons also makes a great Bar Card from Key Largo to Key West to receive awesome drink specials (I particularly have a blast when we drive down WITH A DESIGNATED DRIVER and hit every bar when my phone alerts me of their drink specials)! Our system includes our very own GEO-Fencing System which has your phone gently notifying you when your near one of our participating bars or places of island fun. Our Keys Coupon App. is free and not filled with annoying advertisements. It's a very useful tool to save money and to stay informed! We also give back to our community here by helping The Sheriff's Department catch the bad guys. From time to time you might notice a police alert image flashing in our app. When clicked you will see info from the police about a bad guy on the loose......we created a special area for police to upload info to our Coupons App.

Save a ton when Shopping down in the Keys too. Get treated sometimes even better then the locals down here. Our Florida Keys Coupon App. only promotes LOCALLY owned Keys businesses......in our opinion no commercial/franchises should be here. Click Here to download our Florida Keys Coupon App. We created one for the Android and Iphone.

Like to go to Events here in the Keys? We have some great ones listed. We are always adding new places weekly. Our goal in the years to come is to have every local business listed in our Mile Marker Coupons App. Including discounts for everyday living here in the Keys....like Vet Discounts, Hardware Discounts, Service Discounts Etc......some of us really live down here too you know!

REMEMBER....all those other "Coupon Booklets" or "South Florida Coupon Apps.....which are just images from a website" are mostly all corporate/franchised businesses......they are not the Local Florida Keys businesses you mainly see and don't see driving down......THAT IS THE REAL FLORIDA KEYS! The only way to create such an awesome product (app.) is to visit every single one of own! We don't charge you for our Keys Coupons App. That's not how we want you to start saving and having fun......try it.....YOU WILL LOVE IT!......


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